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(Standing With You)
The bible encourages us to pray without ceasing, and here at the Encounter Arena we believe in a God who answers prayers and also believe that our prayers make a difference in every way. If you need prayer support or need prayers for a relative or loved one, do not hesitate to ask. We would like to stand with you and pray through with you.
If you are a prayer warrior and want to be a part of our team of warriors, please contact us here and let us agree and touch the heavens through intercession...

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(Inner Court Worship)

At the Encounter Arena, we understand that worship has a tendency to become a tedious formality, that is why we pursue "Inner Court Worship"; when the focus of our worship is the one and only true God; not the songs, not the worship leader, nor the music. Its a moment of encounter, not entertainment. We lift up hands to touch God not to please our sensual desires.


(Real Talk)

Talking is good, but its even better when you can talk to someone who is on your level and can relate to "business". The mere mention of pastor, counsellor or minister could sometimes throw you off balance. Over here at the Arena, we have young and qualified individuals who can relate and help you tackle the things that have troubled your mind. We have all been through some stuff and don't mind sharing our experiences and how we got out with you. The reason for some of the things you have been through is to equip you to rescue someone who couldn't handle what you have just ben though: You are CHOSEN. Feel free to call us or drop us a line and lets get talking...
If you are a qualified counsellor or social worker and would like to partner with us to render services and help to the community, please feel free to contact us here....

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(Little things matter)

We are a church that cares about the community we operate in. We don't just pray and render psychological and emotional support for our community, but we also look for avenues where we can impact lives through giving food, clothing and drinks to the disadvantaged within the community. If you are of the same vision and would like to volunteer services or send a donation to support the course, you are very welcome to join our outreach team or make a donation towards making a difference in somebody's life. "Little Things Do Matter"

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